Natural Tiny Life, Impressive Small Design

Natural Tiny Life, Impressive Small Design

Hello everyone. Today we visit the magnificently designed tiny house of Tayfur and Özveri couple. In recent years, with changing living conditions and the new world order, the housing sector has also developed considerably. Tiny houses are the new generation living spaces that emerged as a result of this development. These houses have become popular today thanks to their functional structure and easy installation. Today we will introduce you to ‘Natural Tiny Life’, which has an impressive small design and is suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

We’re heading to Turkey for this amazing tiny house adventure. Following their dreams, Tayfur and Özveri couple built a tiny house in Bodrum district of Muğla where they can live 365 days. If you want to design your own tiny house like this wonderful couple, visit our website where we examine wonderful designs. Thus, you can step into this privileged minimalist life and accumulate unforgettable memories.

Natural Tiny Life

Tayfur and Özveri couple had to constantly travel between Ankara and Bodrum due to their work. However, when it became clear that these round trips were tiring and costly, they decided to stay in the holiday city of Muğla. For this, the happy couple planned to build a tiny house where they could stay 365 days a year.

Interior designer Tayfur planned the tiny house of his dreams with his wife and built this wonderful small house with the help of his masters. The impressive small house has 2 floors and offers a usable area of ​​56 square meters. The tiny house is located in a large garden surrounded by tangerine and orange trees.

Great Minimalist Living

When you step into the loft tiny house, you are greeted by a modern main living space and smart minimalist solutions. To make the most of the space used in the overall design of the wonderful tiny house, an open plan model with a kitchen and main living area was implemented.

On the ground floor of my small house there is a modern living room and a fully equipped kitchen for relaxation and relaxation. On the second floor of the small house there are 2 modern and comfortable double bedrooms. There are comfortable beds here to help you rest and unwind.

In front of the little house there is a small veranda surrounded by wonderful orange trees. The patio offers a great option for spending time outdoors.

Tayfur and Özveri couple realized their dreams and stepped into this privileged minimalist life. If there are among our readers who have realized their dreams like this beautiful couple, we would be very happy if they shared their feelings and thoughts with us.

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