Petty Shed Luna: Portable Tiny Cabin Model

Petty Shed Luna: Portable Tiny Cabin Model

People living in cities got rid of stress and started looking for a simpler and environmentally friendly alternative life. For example, the tiny house movement emerged as a new generation lifestyle as a result of this search. In this article, we will introduce you to the most portable and functional model of the tiny house universe, ‘Petty Shed Luna’.

Park Model Luna Standard Features:

Cabin Certification: RVIA Seal (Our Parking Models are produced according to ANSI A119.5 Standards)
Cabin Warranty: Black Textured Metal Roof with 70lb
Cabin Flooring: Engineered hardwood flooring. White painted shipyard walls. Oak bench bar.
Wardrobe Cabins: Birch cabinets with flat-panel soft-close doors and full-opening drawer fronts.
Cabin Plumbing: Insulated plumbing meeting ANSI A119.5 Standards.

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Petty Shed Luna: Portable Tiny Cabin Model

Modern and Functional Exterior Design

The exterior design of this tiny house is in harmony with the peaceful view of nature with a modern and minimalist approach. Large glass windows allow plenty of natural light into the interior, creating a strong connection with the surrounding nature. Additionally, the exterior of the tiny house attracts attention with its simple and elegant lines.

Petty Shed Luna: Portable Tiny Cabin Model

Petty Shed Luna Interior Design: Bright and Spacious Interior

The interior of the tiny house is quite striking in terms of both functionality and aesthetics. Thanks to the large glass windows, the interior receives plenty of daylight and the overall atmosphere of the house becomes bright and inviting. The harmony of white and natural wood tones in the interior design of the house provides spaciousness to the space. LED lighting adds a modern touch, creating a warm and pleasant atmosphere in the evening.

Petty Shed Luna: Portable Tiny Cabin Model
Petty Shed Luna: Portable Tiny Cabin Model

Functional Living Space:

The living space of the tiny house was designed to offer maximum comfort and functionality in a small space. The stylish sofa and modern coffee table in the living room offer a comfortable seating area. For example, the minimalist bed area offers a sleeping experience in touch with nature, thanks to its large glass windows. Additionally, the small dining table offers a versatile living space as both a dining and working area.

Smart Storage Solutions

Every detail was meticulously considered in the design of this tiny house. Smart storage solutions keep the house clutter-free and tidy and clean. While wall-mounted shelves and cabinets provide spaces where you can easily place your belongings, they also contribute to making the space look spacious and spacious.

Petty Shed Luna: Portable Tiny Cabin Model

As a result, the petty shed luna offers a functional and aesthetically perfect living space that meets the needs of modern life. Details in both exterior and interior design create a peaceful and comfortable living space intertwined with nature. Large glass windows, minimalist interior and clever storage solutions make this tiny house an ideal living space.

Petty Shed Luna: Portable Tiny Cabin Model

Source: Zook Cabins

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