40 HC Container House Plan, Dream Small Life

40 HC Container House Plan, Dream Small Life

Tiny house life has improved a lot in recent years, both technically and physically. The building design most affected by this development is shipping container homes. Container tiny houses have become a popular alternative lifestyle today, thanks to their useful structures. These houses are low cost, fast and easy to install, energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Today we will introduce you to the ’40 HC Container House Plan’, which is suitable for the minimalist container house life of your dreams.

We will review the modern shipping container house design designed by TVD Studio. The impressive container house is a great choice for a stress-free, minimalist life by the sea or lake. You too can step into the minimalist life of your dreams by taking a look at other great container house designs on our website.

40 HC Container House Plan

Unveil the beauty of a contemporary living space that strikes a perfect modern aesthetics. This container house boasts a host of features that cater to both relaxation and style.

Positioned in a serene locale, this residence offers the luxury of a spacious veranda. Complete with a dining table and comfortable seating, the veranda beckons for outdoor meals and relaxation.

The house stands out as a unique container house. This House has a sleek black exterior and a contrasting light brown wooden ceiling. The entrance is accentuated by a glass door, and the walls are adorned with large windows.

Step inside to find an inviting ambiance characterized by a dominant white and wooden color scheme. The kitchen greets you upon entry, seamlessly connected to the dining area. Adjacent to the kitchen is a living room, featuring orange couches that harmonize with the surroundings.

The house accommodates a 2-person child’s room and a spacious master bedroom. The master bedroom offers a king-sized bed for utmost comfort. Both rooms are equipped with bathrooms for convenience.

This container house is a testament to modern design merged with comfort. This residence is a holistic representation of a contemporary, inviting home.

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