Dream Box 20HC Container House

Dream Box 20HC Container House

Today we will introduce you to the dream box 20HC container house, which has a very different mold and is suitable for minimalist living. The interior and exterior design of this wonderful little house looks more than any other. When you enter the house, a completely different world welcomes you.

Robust structures are produced for shipping containers used in the cargo industry. For this reason, it is more resistant to impacts than other metals against harsh weather and physical conditions. That’s why it has become popular day by day around the world.

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Dream Box 20HC Container House

Portable Dream Box 20HC Container House

The tiny container house designed by Dream Box has a wonderful minimalist structure measuring 5.89 m x 2.35 m. Additionally, this tiny container house has a roof of 2.70 m2 and a usable area of ​​15 m2. Most importantly, the modern and prefab tiny house is designed for daily use and harsh natural conditions.

Dream Box 20HC Container House

Creative 20HC Dream Container Cabin

The creative tiny container house features a cozy bedroom, minimalist kitchen and modern bathroom. Additionally, the walls, floor, ceiling and partitions of the house were covered with polyurethane foam. The floor of the tiny container house is covered with water and impact resistant parquet.

Dream Box 20HC Container House

The electrical installation of the prefabricated tiny house was designed safely with fireproof cabling. Also, the high-quality lacquered lid and safe in the kitchen of the house look very stylish.

The house’s kitchen countertops made of 40 mm certified oak look amazing.

There are 160×200 beds with 4 drawers in the bed models of the house.

Air conditioning structures were prepared for the living room and bedroom of the tiny house.

The placement of the toilet bowl and bathroom sink in the bathroom is left to your preference.

Dream Box 20HC Container House

As a result, the overall design and useful structure of this dream box 20HC container looks quite enjoyable. I love the modern and stylish interior design. The industrial dark colored siding has added a distinct air and elegance to the container house.

Dream Box 20HC Container House

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