Lifting House System: Safe Modular Tiny Life

Lifting House System: Safe Modular Tiny Life

Today’s fast and active lifestyle also transforms the need for housing. High-rise houses meet this need by offering flexible and practical living spaces. Because these portable cabins offer a new generation of environmentally friendly living spaces. In this article, we will examine the features and advantages of the lifting house system and why it has become popular.

High Above Ground Lifting House Model: The New Trend of Modern Life

Located near the Tigre Delta in Argentina, this folding house is located in a floodable area with internal canals. For this reason, the architects AToT – Arquitectos Todo Terreno designed the lifting cabin model by paying attention to this detail. You can reach this creative house with the movable staircase designed for safety.

Architects:AToT – Arquitectos Todo Terreno
Area:947 ft²
Year: 2018
Photos: Joaquin Portela
City: Tigre
Country: Argentina
Lifting House System Tablo

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Lifting House System: Safe Modular Tiny Life

Features of High Floor Folding Houses

High folding houses, as the name suggests, are houses that are positioned at a certain height from the ground and become portable by folding. For example, these homes often have a modular design and include the following great features:

Lifting House System: Safe Modular Tiny Life

1. Modular Structure: Parts that can be easily disassembled and assembled.

2. Eco-Friendly Materials: Sustainable and recyclable materials.

3. Energy Efficiency: Solar panels that provide insulation and low energy consumption.

Lifting House System: Safe Modular Tiny Life

Advantages of Lifting House System

High-rise folding houses are becoming more and more preferred every day thanks to the many advantages they offer:

1. Mobility: Because they are easily portable, they offer an excellent solution to seasonal or temporary living space needs.

2. Fast Installation: It can be installed in a much shorter time than traditional residences.

3. Cost Effectiveness: Construction costs are low and it provides economic advantage in the long term thanks to energy savings.

4. Environmentally Friendly: They have minimal impact on the environment with their recyclable materials and energy-saving designs.

5. Urban Density: Increasing population and housing shortage in big cities require solutions that take up less space and are easily transportable.

6. Living in Touch with Nature: It offers nature lovers the opportunity to create a temporary living space in the middle of nature.

Lifting House System: Safe Modular Tiny Life

7. Economic Factors: High housing prices direct individuals to seek more economical and practical solutions.

Lifting House System: Safe Modular Tiny Life

As a result, this high-lift house system offers practical and sustainable solutions to the needs of modern life. Advantages such as mobility, fast installation and environmental friendliness make this housing type one of the popular living spaces of the future. If you are interested in high-rise folding houses, you can find many different models and design options to suit your needs.

Lifting House System: Safe Modular Tiny Life

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