Mobile Tiny Office G-LOUNGE PLUS 175

Mobile Tiny Office G-LOUNGE PLUS 175

In recent years, the demand for office tiny houses has increased even more. Portable office tiny houses offer freedom of movement. You can take these tiny houses wherever you want and create a wonderful workspace in nature. People who are tired of the chaos and noise of city life began to prefer such small living and working spaces. In this article, I would like to introduce you to the ‘Mobile Tiny Office’, which fascinates you with its mobile design and is suitable for a minimalist working life.

People with environmental awareness and love of nature moved away from stress and looked for sustainable alternative work areas. As a result of this search, the office tiny house trend emerged as a new generation lifestyle. This tiny office house on wheels was designed by California Backyard Homes, a tiny home manufacturer operating in the United States.

Let’s take a closer look at this amazing mobile workhouse. Don’t forget to visit our site for offices, tiny houses and more.

Mobile Tiny Office

Mobile office G-LOUNGE PLUS 175 is the manufacturer’s most stylish and useful mobile office project. The small office features a stylish main living area and work area. The tiny study home also includes a minimalist kitchen and bathroom area.

Small House Interior Design

Features of Mobile Tiny Office:

House Type: Tiny Houses on Wheels

Size: 175 square meters

Trailer Base Dimension: 16×10 (192” x 120”)

Trailer Base Dimension: 22×10 (264″ x 120″)

Internal Height: 108″

Total height: 156″

Power input: 125 Amp Service

Water Inlet: Standard Water Hose

Small Mobile Office

G-Lounge Plus 175 can be easily pulled by a truck and placed wherever you want, thanks to its wheels and portable structure.

In short, I loved this mobile tiny office that offers freedom of movement. The tiny workhouse offers a peaceful work and rest area in nature.

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