Tiny House Plan with Patio, Only 56 m2 (603 sqft)

Tiny House Plan with Patio, Only 56 m2 (603 sqft)

The society turned to tiny houses for a simple and comfortable life, away from the chaos and stress of city life. These houses allow you to look at life from a different perspective thanks to their minimalist and functional designs. That’s why we continue to discover wonderful and different tiny houses designed by professional architects all over the world. Today we will introduce you to the ‘Tiny House Plan with Patio’ which has a usable area of ​​only 56 m2 (603 sqft).

In this article, we will examine the modern and eye-catching simple tiny house design designed by Exploring Tiny House. The modern minimalist house offers a functional design with its smart usage area and compact design.

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Small House Plan with Patio

Measuring just 56 square meters (603 sq ft), the tiny house offers a peaceful retreat within a large and lush garden. The minimalist rest house offers a modern and stylish living space thanks to its special design. Let’s get to know this cute minimalist house better.

Offering a usable area of ​​56 square meters (603 sqft), the interior design of the small house offers high level comfort and functionality. In the detached tiny house design, an open plan design with the main living area and kitchen together was applied. Thus, a large and spacious living space emerged.

Modern Small House Interior Design

When you step inside the modern tiny house, you witness the perfect combination of the main living area and the minimalist kitchen. The functional small house plan offers a spacious modern main living area, a functional minimalist kitchen, a stylish bathroom and a cozy bedroom.

With a cleverly designed storage system, every corner of the small house offers maximum usable space. The impressive minimalist home’s high ceilings and large windows ensure that the main living area and other areas are bright and spacious. The light and bright colors used in the small house complete the spacious appearance of the house.

In short, the 57 square meter tiny house with a patio offers more than a house with its smart storage system and large garden.

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