Tiny Life Eco Loft Plan, 20m2 Portable Design

Tiny Life Eco Loft Plan, 20m2 Portable Design

In recent years, people who are tired of city life have turned to minimalist prefabricated houses for a simple and functional life. These houses are private living spaces designed with a minimalist and modern approach. These tiny houses have become very popular today thanks to their mobile and practical use. Today we will introduce you to the ‘Tiny Life Eco Loft Plan’ with a 20m2 portable design that makes life easier.

Designed by Eldorado Global, ECO-LOFT 2 offers a comfortable living space of 20 m2 with practical design options. Portable tiny house plan features a modern main living area, double bedroom, fully equipped minimalist kitchen and bathroom. The small house plan offers a solid and comfortable living space with its state-of-the-art technology products.

Tiny Living Eco Loft Plan

Designed by Eldorado Global, ECO-LOFT 2 is a new generation product that offers an environmentally friendly and sustainable living space. If you want to design your own tiny house, you should examine different designs. You can step into the minimalist life of your dreams by taking a look at the other wonderful tiny houses on our site.

ECO-LOFT 2 offers effortless transportation wherever you want, thanks to its lightweight portable design. The small mobile home saves time and energy with its simple installation feature. This magnificent small house plan offers ideal opportunities to accumulate peaceful moments in nature.

Cool Small Portable House Plan

No empty space was left in the floor plan of the portable tiny house in order to get maximum efficiency from every square centimeter. The mobile tiny house guarantees that your home will be comfortable and functional with its minimalist and compact design.

The tiny house plan applied an open plan design with the main living area and kitchen together to save space used. When you step into ECO-LOFT 2, a modern and functional main living area welcomes you.

Operating in Riga, Lithuania, the design firm offers superior quality construction solutions that are resistant to harsh weather conditions.

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