Two Storey Small House Model, 4×7 Simple Plan

Two Storey Small House Model, 4×7 Simple Plan

The two storey small house model is a symbol of an environmentally friendly and sustainable lifestyle. Using nature-friendly materials in the construction of these houses reduces the depletion of natural resources. When small house plans are used with renewable energy sources, carbon emissions are reduced. For this reason, tiny houses have become very popular living spaces in recent years. Today we will introduce you to the ‘Two Storey Small House Model’, which fascinates you with its 4×7 modern and useful farmhouse design.

The two-storey small house model designed by Tiny House Design looks comfortable and fun from the outside. The modern tiny house plan is the perfect choice for a stress-free, minimalist life in nature. You can step into the minimalist life of your dreams by taking a look at the other wonderful tiny house designs on our site.

Two Storey Small House Model

Recent developments in the world increase the interest and curiosity in tiny houses day by day. Tiny houses have many advantages and attractive aspects. Portable tiny houses are much easier to design and maintain than other houses. Prefabricated tiny houses are cost-saving, budget-friendly minimalist structures.

The ground floor of the small house plan includes a living room, dining area, a modern bathroom and a laundry room. The upper floor of the tiny house features a stylish bedroom, a modern bathroom and a large balcony.

Simple Farmhouse Plan

When you enter from the simple farmhouse plan, you are greeted by a charming and spacious atmosphere decorated in light colors. An open-plan concept combining the kitchen and the main living area was applied in the overall design of the tiny house.

The detached farmhouse plan features a spacious main living area, cozy double bedroom, fully equipped minimalist kitchen and modern bathroom. The comfortable tiny house with a usable area of ​​56 m2 has a modern design combining aesthetics and functionality.

The tiny house’s main living area has a spacious look, with plenty of natural light coming in through large windows. Thanks to modern and light-colored decoration products, the couple’s house looks larger.

The comfortable tiny house plan features a large and wonderful balcony where you can watch the bright stars in the evening. The balcony looks impressive with light-colored modern furniture.

The modern small house plan offers a unique design that combines functionality and comfort.

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