Small Retreat House OH DEER, Peaceful Holiday Home

Small Retreat House OH DEER, Peaceful Holiday Home

Small holiday homes have become a popular demand for those who want to get away from the chaos of life and live a simple and fun life. These small houses are unique resting places that provide special memories to their guests with a minimalist and modern approach. These cute tiny houses that add color to life have become very popular today. Today we will introduce you to the impressive holiday home ‘Small Retreat House OH DEER’, which fascinates with its cute design.

This peaceful holiday home with stunning nature views is located in Lejas Priedes, Veismaņi, LV-4136, Latvia. If you want to stay in this wonderful house and have an unforgettable holiday experience, you can visit

If you want to design your own tiny prefabricated house, you should examine different designs. So, you can find your tiny holiday home that suits your budget and lifestyle.

Small Retreat House OH DEER

Small Retreat House OH DEER is a two-storey minimalist vacation home with a stunning visual location. The prefab tiny house is located in Veismaņi, Latvia. The small holiday house has outstanding natural views of Latvia. This tiny holiday home is the perfect choice for a weekend getaway in quiet and peaceful nature.

OH DEER holiday home has been carefully designed to make guests feel comfortable and peaceful. The small retreat has a modern and spacious main living area, a cozy bedroom, a minimalist kitchen and a stylish bathroom.

Small Rest House

In the portable small house plan, an open plan was applied where the kitchen and the main living area meet. The main living area and other rooms are beautifully decorated with large windows and light-coloured products. Thus, the main living area and other rooms gained a larger and more spacious appearance.

The small retreat house offers wonderful accommodation with a terrace and veranda. This holiday home features a garden with barbecue facilities, free WiFi and private parking. There is a wonderful sauna unit right in front of the veranda where you can relieve the tiredness of the day.

The small rest house is located 97 km from Riga International Airport. OH DEER holiday home is located around 4.7 km from INSIGNIA Art Gallery, 5 km from Centaurus Battle Statue and 5.3 km from Cesis New Fortress.

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