Rustic Forest House Cabana

Rustic Forest House Cabana

Rustic forest houses are unique structures that offer a peaceful life away from the modern world, in touch with nature. Today I want to tell you about the rustic forest house cabana cabin and its fascinating view that you will be amazed by when you see it. S3 Architecture designed Cabana, a wonderful retreat in the woods with a minimalist and modern approach in Rhinebeck, New York, United States.

Project Name: Cabana

Architecture firm: S3 Architecture

Location: Rhinebeck, New York, United States

Photo: Ethan Abitz

Area: 800 ft²

Design year: 2020

Rustic Rest House Cabana

With stunning forest views of Rhinebeck, New York, the Cabana has everything you need. The modern and impressive forest retreat offers a unique location to relax and enjoy magnificent nature. The tiny lodge offers perfect harmony with rustic materials and minimalist interior design.

This gorgeous 75 square meter contemporary cabin is the perfect choice for a holiday or weekend getaway. The small recreation room includes a perfectly functional kitchen, a stylish bathroom and a cozy double bedroom. The entire tiny house was designed with a focus on the magnificent forest view.

Small Chalet Design

The interior design of the small house has the minimalist decoration that the owner would need on vacation. The tiny holiday house allows you to enjoy the wonderful forest with many large and wide windows. The materials used in the tiny house defy time with its rustic and simple style.

S3 Architecture designed a modern and impressive relaxation cabin with a usable area of ​​75 m2 in the Rhinebeck Forest area. La Cabana is located in a magnificent forest and on a large cliff. The small retreat house features a supported terrace with expansive forest views.

In short, Rustic Forest House Cabana offers great opportunities to those who embrace an environmentally friendly lifestyle. The tiny rest house promises a unique rest on the natural rock and on the edge of the cliff.

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